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Givachio FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Givachio?

We offer a new wave of Design. Are you ready? Welcome to Givachio we are a new, fresh fashion brand here to help you express yourself through words and modern design. We are a fashion brand who understands that clothing can be an exceptionally effective messaging medium. Throughout daily life, no matter what age words have the power to change your life and the people around you. It can impact someone’s thoughts and have a positive influence. Everyone’s words have the power to change lives. Givachio is here to inspire you and bring your words to life. The message matters, whether it is emotional, funny, or an expression, our clothing have and will always act as mediums to communicate something that means a lot to you.

How can I place an order?

Placing an order here is pretty straightforward. Right on top of the website, you will see a “SHOP” tab. Click on that once, and you will come across multiple artworks that you may find interesting. On the left, you will find the collections of different artworks with the name of the collection. To make your buying process easy, select the right art collection. After that, choose the artwork that you like the most, add it to your shopping cart, pay, and Inkly ART will make sure to send it within the promised time.

What are the payment options available?

Inkly ART accepts online payment. You can use your debit and credit card to pay online; else, you can pay through PayPal as well.

The Givachio Designs

The artwork you see here is owned by Givachio, and the quotes offered by Givachio are subjected to change anytime. 

These designs are created by Abdul Malik and are worked upon every month bringing you new designs.


After quality evaluation, your order will be shipped to you, and we will send an email mentioning the tentative date of arrival. Please note that you will be responsible for all costs, including the shipping charges. In case you don’t receive the order, or something happens in between, we will suggest getting in touch with the courier service and us. Once you receive the order, Givachio will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the parcel.

Givachio Shipping

Givachio.com ONLY delivers to UK Postal Addresses. Standard delivery time for most orders is 5 to 7 working days from placement of orders. However, during peak time, the delivery time can be longer and also if you are placing a large order.

Givachio takes no responsibility for packages that fail to be delivered due to incorrect contact information or addresses. All delivery times are to be treated as estimates only. No liability is accepted by Givachio for any loss arising from delay or error in the delivery of goods.

The delivery cost on all orders is £5.00 unless stated otherwise.

1st & 2nd Class Postal services are used.

Do you sell your Clothing outside the UK?

Givachio doesn’t sell outside the UK.

Why do we take your phone number?

Courier needs it to check if you will be present on time of delivery of our Inkly Art.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before making any purchase. Please contact Givachio if you have any questions to discuss.
The terms and conditions written here may change with time without giving any prior notice, and this may apply as at the time of your order. Any queries, doubts, or concerns must be addressed before a customer makes a purchase.

Price and Payment

Shipping is included in the price, we accept credit cards, stripe, and paypal payments.


Givachio does hard work in preparing these clothing to a high standard and prints them in-house, and we believe that the reason why customers buy from Givachio is that they appreciate it. If you receive damaged goods or tour clothing, Givachio takes responsibility for that, and we will be happy to arrange for a replacement, but the customer will have to schedule for a return on their own., it won’t be refunded or replaced as this is print on demand bespoke service. All goods will be shipped and checked thoroughly to a high standard before being shipped.

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